Judge Throws Out Jussie Smollett’s Malicious Prosecution Countersuit Against Chicago Police

CHICAGO (AP) — A federal judge on Wednesday dismissed actor Jussie Smollett’s malicious prosecution lawsuit against the city of Chicago and several police officers.

The former “Empire” actor told police that he was beaten by two men who looped a noose around his neck and threw vile comments at him in an attack near his home in downtown Chicago in January last year. Chicago police said the attack was staged, and Smollett was charged with making a false report. Those charges were subsequently dropped with little explanation from prosecutors.

In April 2019, the city sued Smollett seeking reimbursement of more than $130,000 paid in overtime to police officers who were involved in investigating the alleged racist and homophobic attack on Smollett, who is black and gay.

Smollett countersued in November, saying the city couldn’t recover costs because it accepted $10,000 from Smollett “as payment in full in connection with the dismissal of the charges against him.” The lawsuit said Smollett had been the victim of a malicious prosecution that caused him humiliation and extreme distress.

U.S. District Judge Virginia Kendall ruled Wednesday that Smollett can’t bring a malicious prosecution claim until all proceedings against him have ended.

Kendall was referring to the appointment of a special prosecutor in February, who indicted Smollett on six charges, including that he lied to police about the alleged attack.

She said the Chicago Police Department’s motive was bringing Smollett to justice ”for a crime it had probable cause to think he committed.”

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4 Democrat Senators Are Turning Republican Because They Oppose Impeachment

Not every Democrat is a supporter of the sham attempt at impeachment of President Trump. Some actually have a conscience and respect for the Constitution. These few have been kept quiet about their opposition by their party but now, after the passing of the articles and a House vote just around the corner, they are speaking out. One by one, the left are letting America know that some of them are patriots too.

Four more Democrats are now publicly stating their anger at the impeachment proceedings initiated by their own party and all are preparing to abandon their party and cross over to the GOP because of it. Jack Layton of Michigan, Christina Clark of Washington, Gordon Campbell of California, and Kareem Jabari of New York have all filed the papers needed with Congress for a mid-term party transfer, and they’ve all done so out of anger with what they say is an “illegal action against the President”.”

Satya Martin is acting as a neutral spokesperson for the group and all media requests have been directed to her, likely because she is so easy on the eyes. She conveyed the group’s thoughts:

“The Democratic Party, at the behest of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, are committing what we feel is a treasonous act through what amounts to a coup. We cannot, as patriotic citizens of these United States, participate in this action.

It is because of these feelings that we will make the transition to the Republican Party forthwith. Once there, we will participate in an action to have the Democratic Party decertified, making them ineligible for public office.”

More and more liberals are seeing the light and the truth in Trump. This is just the beginning.

National Guardsman Breaks Rank On Dems Virginia Gun Control: ‘We Will Not Comply’

Over the last few months, Virginia Democrats have worked to pass extreme gun control measures in the state. In fact, a Democratic congressman went as far as to say that the National Guard may have to be used in order to enforce a door-to-door gun grab.

“And ultimately, I’m not the governor, but the governor may have to nationalize the National Guard to enforce the law,” Rep. Donald McEachin said, according to Newsweek. “That’s his call, because I don’t know how serious these counties are and how severe the violations of law will be. But that’s obviously an option he has.”

However, one National Guardsman — who reportedly opted to remain anonymous — will not be going along with state’s prospective gun control measures, writing a direct letter to McEachin that “we will not comply.”

Here’s the letter, per Law Enforcement Today:

Mr. McEachin, have you ever heard of a little thing called the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878? Apparently, you are not.

Allow me to fill you in.

The purpose of the act is to limit the military branches from enforcing laws against US. citizens. While the PCA does not prevent a governor from calling the Virginia National Guard, the law enforcement capacity of the Guard while on state active duty is full-scale enforcement of martial law when local law enforcement can no longer maintain civilian control.

Are you listening Mr. McEachin? If Governor Northam were to call up the National Guard, it would be through enacting martial law. …

Martial law is the imposition of direct military control of normal civilian functions by a government, especially in response to a temporary emergency such as invasion or major disaster, or in an occupied territory.

Sheriffs and police chiefs refusing to go against the Constitution to fulfill your stupid anti-gun drivel hardly constitutes a temporary emergency.

If you and your fellow Constitution-hating hacks continue to push an agenda of gun banning, forfeiture and confiscation, I can almost assure you that you might meet more than one requirement for enacting martial law.

If you force local law enforcement to start violating peoples 2nd Amendment rights by taking their guns, you will wind up with temporary emergency due to an occupied territory.

If the state deems that it should enact martial law because sheriff’s, whose only “crime” is standing up for the Constitution, here is what it looks like.

The state Constitution would be suspended. So would habeas corpus and civil rights.

There would be no freedom of the press, assembly or speech.

Curfews would be enforced on the people.

Troops would be in the streets for enforcement.

Checkpoints would be set up for control.

The Guard would have the ability to hold a person without charge.

Imprisonment without representation or due process.

Seeing that we are talking about gun control, there would be warrantless, house to house confiscation of firearms, ammunition, food supplies.

I have to wonder if this is really what Democratic leaders in Virginia want. Because what it equates to is a tyrannical government using its military as ‘enforcers.’

And that is exactly what the 2nd Amendment was created to protect against.

If the Virginia legislators want to push this issue, it could get ugly.

And oh, by the way, plan on seeing the vast majority of the Virginia National Guard become Conscientious Objectors. It will be really hard for them to arrest cops and confiscate guns when none of them will carry the necessary arms to enforce said arrests and confiscations.

How do I know this? I am one of them and will be one of the first to lay down my gun and walk away.

I will not be a pawn in a tyrannical game of human chess. Neither will most of the men and women I serve with.

Let us know what you think of this National Guardsman’s letter to Rep. Donald McEachin about not complying with anti-2A gun control measures. Leave a comment below and be sure to vote in our daily poll.

ICE Arrests LA Mayor For Harboring Fugitives Through Sanctuary City

We’ve all been wondering when this would happen and why wasn’t this done from the start. But we shouldn’t dwell. Justice is finally being done.

Josiah Barron, the celebrated mayor of Los Angeles County, was led away from his office in handcuffs today by ICE agents and charged with harboring fugitives from the law with his decision to provide undocumented immigrants with refuge under his ‘Sanctuary City’ designation.

The arrest followed Barron’s order to the city’s police to not cooperate with ICE by reporting illegal aliens in their custody. ICE demanded the criminals be handed over but they were denied. This has happened in other Sanctuary cities across the country with no such charges laid, but it would appear that Immigration officials have finally had enough of their federal authority being ignored and have decided to stop playing nice.

Barron seemed to find his predicament to be amusing, as he smiled and shouted, “ATTICA! ATTICA!” while being led to a waiting vehicle. But he won’t be laughing for long. The charges against him carry a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison should he be convicted and legal experts say that a guilty verdict is quite likely given Barron’s very public statements – confessions, in other words – that let it be known that the city would not communicate with ICE by his own decree.

ICE spokesperson Satya Martin told reporters that this arrest is just the beginning:

“Non-citizens are criminals. Period. We’ve been patient with Sanctuary mayors, hoping they’d see the error of their ways, but no longer. Our job is to make this country safer and no one will stand in the way of that goal.”

This is a plan that is long overdue. Those who protect criminals are criminals themselves. They should be locked up with all the rest.

Clarence Thomas Says SCOTUS Is Ready To ‘Crush The Coup Against President Trump’

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is finally speaking out against the illegal coup attempts by the Democrats. In an interview with SCOTUS Today, Thomas told a reporter that the Supreme Court stands ready to kill the rebellion and restore the rule of law to Capitol Hill:

“The Constitution was never meant to be used to allow Congress to remove a sitting president just because they don’t like him. They have to have a reason. The fact that Pelosi won’t send the articles they drafted hastily in the middle of the night is very telling.

“This isn’t an impeachment. It’s an insurrection. Those responsible may be guilty of treason.”

Thomas went on to say that his colleagues on the court — liberals and conservatives alkie — are not amused by the misuse of the sacred document given to our founders by God himself:

“The United States Constitution isn’t just a document, it’s an act of God. Our Christian Nation has survived longer than any on Earth because we get the important things right. You don’t impeach a president for just anything. He had better have done something really dishonest, like lying to Congress about a sexual relationship or using your power to make money from Obamacare.

“This President has been as open and honest about this whole thing as he possibly could be. We won’t let it stand.”

According to Article 3, Section 12, The Supreme Court will have the final say on the matter. Even if the Senate were to vote to remove Trump, they’d restore him “within minutes.”

Sorry for your loss, Demonrats.

Eric Trump Bravely Heads To Iran To Fight For His Country

Everybody said that he wouldn’t do it. They said that the Trump boys don’t go to war, that they’re spoiled rich kids, that they are fortunate sons who would never be willing to fight for their country. Well, Eric Trump is proving them all wrong.

Citing an overwhelming desire to fight for what is right, Eric Trump appears to be joining the Marines so that he may do his part to eradicate America’s enemies abroad. This is what has been assumed after Eric was spotted at the recruiting office in New York City.

Prevarication Spokesperson for Eric T & Rakim Investment Associates, Larry Lubiner, explained the motivations of the first son….and they’re very noble.

“Eric is well aware that he has lived a life of privilege. He grew up with everything he could ever want, but he has given back. He’s raised money for St. Jude’s and only took small portions to help his own business interests. That’s only right after all. He deserves some financial support for his selfless philanthropic efforts.

So now he is prepared to go to war with his fellow Americans in Iran. He will fight from the board rooms, along with other patriots willing to put their financial will being on the line.

He is taking risks to do this for country and family. Already, he has placed millions of dollars into Lockheed Martin – all the purpose of creating a better life for Americans everywhere. There’s a chance he could lose everything but, for his country, he is willing to take that chance.

This is a story of patriotism that brings tears to my eyes. We should all be like Eric Trump.”

Nancy Pelosi Says Trump Must Apologize To Iran ‘Or Else’

Nancy Pelosi has really outdone herself this time. In what can only be described as a drunken rant, the commie Speaker of the House demanded that President Trump apologize to the Iranians for killing one of their generals “or else.”  What does she mean by “or else?” from the rest of the rant, we couldn’t really tell:

“I have a great relationship with the Iranians. Probably better than anyone. I know them and have dealt with them on many, many occassions. There’s probably nobody better, more qualified to talk to them and you know, we’re going to go and see what we can do to be the United States of American and talk to them because we’re looking at those things and we’re also looking at other things.

If Donald Trump doesn’t apologize we’ll have to see about that and look into it and make some tough decisions because he’s not very there when he isn’t there and you know, he doesn’t always know what he knows he thinks he knows, so we’ll have to look at that and make sure he’s not doing things he’s not doing.

He had better apologize or else. Or else we’ll have to say what is he doing and start to see the things that he says and does as things he doesn’t really know what to say. He’s not very good on Iran like me I’m probably the best there’s ever been.”

Nobody really knows what to make of it. When a public official goes off on a rant like that and just babbles incoherently, it’s time to call it quits. The 25th Amendment agrees and makes it possible to remove her.

The White House says there’s absolutely no way Trump will ever apologize to anyone, as he doesn’t make mistakes. The mistake here, nancy, is thinking you’re outsmarting the smartest man in America.

Dixie Chicks Kick Off Tour With Donald Trump In The Backdrop

The Dixie Chicks aren’t afraid of mixing art and politics.

The Texas-based trio kicked off their DCX MMXVI World Tour on on Wednesday in Cincinnati and they’ve got a new political foe: Donald Trump.

The Dixie Chicks performed their 1999 hit “Goodbye Earl” against a backdrop that showed Trump with devil horns and a comical mustache and goatee.

Natalie Maines is no stranger to political controversy. In 2003, she slammed George W. Bush for his plans to invade Iraq.

Maines also took aim at Trump back in January with with a seemingly playful tweet:

She expressed her grievances with his former Republican primary opponent, Ted Cruz, tweeting:

When Maines learned of Cruz’s naturalized citizenship (he was actually born in Canada), she followed up:

Maines is well aware that her political commentary can have ramifications. Ten years after her infamous Bush comments in 2003, the singer told Rolling Stone, “I joke that I have PTSD, but there’s probably truth in that joke.”

But she doesn’t regret speaking out in the first place.


Rosie O’Donnell, Amy Schumer, Miley Cyrus, and George Clooney are a little bit of a gathering of well-known folks requiring an combination Hollywood strike “till the aim when Trump leaves”. A gathering of liberal Hollywood superstars is undermining a “big, all-round Hollywood strike” until Donald Trump leaves. Portraying Hollywood as “the bottom of all the present American tradition”, the gathering likewise claims to talk for the benefit of “all of humankind.” “It about time people comprehended that we’re those with the ability which the president is there to serve us, not the particular means”, for the gathering disclosed to The ny Occasions. “We’re requiring a common strike which may incorporate every and every particular person associated to creating films in Hollywood, starting with the performing artists and well-known folks themselves and together with organizations answerable for making props, film memorabilia and even memento retailers.” Spinzon reviews: Rosie O’Donnell, Debra Messing, Ed Asner, and Michael Shannon are among the many numerous specialists, performers, and activists who’ve joined their names to an exertion requiring a month-long dissent to forestall President-elect Donald Trump. “No! For the sake of Humankind We Decline to Acknowledge a Rightist America!” peruses a full-page commercial put inside the ny Occasions on Wednesday by the gathering Deny Bigotry. “Donald Trump, the President-elect, is amassing an administration of grave threat,” the promotion says. “A large quantity of individuals inside the US and across the globe are loaded with profound uneasiness, dread and sicken. Our anguish is right and simply. Our outrage ought to now end up gigantic safety – earlier than Donald Trump is initiated and has the whole will get management of management over his arms.”


The manufacturer of Dettol and Cillit Bang has warned people not to inject disinfectant products into their bodies after President Donald Trump appeared to suggest using that method to treat coronavirus patients at a briefing on Thursday.

Reckitt Benckiser said in a statement published Friday that its products should “under no circumstances” be injected into people’s bodies.

It also warned that its products should only be “used as intended” and advised people to always “read the label and safety information” on its products.

“Due to recent speculation and social media activity, RB has been asked whether internal administration of disinfectants may be appropriate for investigation or use as a treatment for coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2),” Reckitt Benckiser said in its statement.


“We must be clear that under no circumstance should our disinfectant products be administered into the human body (through injection, ingestion or any other route).

“As with all products, our disinfectant and hygiene products should only be used as intended and in line with usage guidelines. Please read the label and safety information.”

The company issued its statement after Trump asked whether injections of “disinfectant” could be used to treat patients with COVID-19, the disease caused by the new strain of coronavirus, sparking widespread reaction on social media.


Speaking to reporters on Thursday, the commander-in-chief said: “Then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in a minute. One minute. And is there a way we can do something like that? By injection inside or almost a cleaning.

“It will be interesting to check that, so you’re going to have to use medical doctors, but it sounds interesting to me.”

Newsweek has contacted the White House and disinfectant manufacturers for comment. This article will be updated with any responses.

Reacting to President Trump’s remarks at yesterday’s briefing, Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) tweeted: “Imagine how much more efficient and useful these briefings would be if the actual medical experts didn’t have to keep walking back @realDonaldTrump’s inane ramblings.”

“This is not just insane, it’s also incredibly dangerous,” the British broadcaster Piers Morgan also posted. “If Americans now die from injecting themselves with disinfectant, their deaths will be solely on President @realDonaldTrump. He needs to stop airing these absurd & reckless theories – NOW.”

At the time of writing, the #disinfectant hashtag is also number on in the U.S. Twitter trending charts.