Americans rank Barack Obama as best president of their lifetimes: Poll

A new pew research middle ballot says greater individuals rank former President Barack Obama better than any other while requested which president has accomplished the high-quality job in their lifetimes.


Obama become named the quality or 2d first-class president by means of forty-four percentage of USA citizens in the survey that came out Wednesday. Thirty-one percent ranked him because of the excellent president in their lifetimes.

President Donald Trump comes in fourth after President Bill Clinton and President Ronald Reagan, with 19 percent of USA citizens ranking him as the nice or second best in their lifetimes.

While 19 percentage might seem low, 20 percent of USA citizens ranked Obama because of the nice or 2d high-quality president in 2011, at a similar factor in his first term and the remaining time pew carried out this ballot.

Pew determined that rankings modified with the aid of technology. Extra than 60 percent of millennials view Obama because the satisfactory or 2d fine president of their lifetime and 46 percentage call him because of the exceptional.
Older Americans, toddler boomers and the “silent technology,” selected Reagan because of the top president for the duration of their lives. 40- percent of fifty-four to 72-yr-olds and 38 percentage of seventy-three to 90-yr-olds rank Reagan because of the great or 2nd best.

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